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Is it possible to book and plan my wedding in southern remotely?

Certainly, we have clients in France, western Canada and across Quebec. We found the hotel and booked the group is planning the wedding and all that, remotely. We have not met with over 50% of our married couples.

What budget should I plan for a wedding in the south?

This is very variable. You Need A Budget per person for the portion travel package and you'll need to budget for your wedding package. Note that some hotels offer a free basic package with a number of guests (adults). For example the chain Melia Cuba provides free legal wedding package if you have 17 adults, including you. In addition, many hotels offer free every 11th adult passenger. If you have a group of 22 adults for example, you are entitled to two freebies that give, on average, between $ 1,500.00 and $ 2,500.00 (sometimes more ...). This has a considerable impact on the budget. These freebies can also be divided by the number of guests in order to lower the cost of travel package.

Wedding packages in the South start at $ 500,00US. Price varies for each hotel except for hotel chains. These are generally payable at destination. Some hotels require full payment one month in advance. Virtually all hotels require a security deposit to confirm your ceremony date.

Is it possible to get married in the south without guest? (Wedding for 2 person)

It is possible. Many hotel chains offer this type of package as, for example Riu, Sandals, Melia cuba ....

How long should I expect before the date of my wedding?

This differs from one country to another, the date chosen and the type of wedding! I would say at least 12 months in advance and the reason is simple; if you have a significant date for you, important and specific in mind, you'll have the chance to book it.

There are several other reasons. Indeed, if you have a large group and want to have a private room for your meal and your reception, it is recommended that you take in advance in order to get it. There is also the price factor; rather you will make booking your wedding package group, the better the price due to promotions offered by wholesalers, in addition to some exclusive deals offered by hotel chains directly.

What time choose for a wedding in the south?

This differs from one country to another. For the Dominican Republic (January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December). In Cuba I would avoid January and February and December due to temperature variation. For Mexico I would avoid December and January because the temperature can be quite cool and that same day. For jamaica, I would say all year without problems but know it can do so extremely hot and humid perhaps avoid the summer. In the Bahamas I suggest avoiding December and January.

Ideally tell us the period selected and we will advise you on the best destination.

What kind of marriage is offered in the south?

There are 3 possible types of marriage in general.

Legal Marriage: You will have a ceremony with guests. Your marriage will be recognized in Canada, but note that there are many important details to verify. Some hotels will ask to have your documents translated into Spanish, such as your birth certificate, for example.

symbolic marriage (marriage vows renewal): You will have a ceremony to, but your marriage will not be recognized. More than 80% of marriages that we organized were symbolic kind. People formalize their union at the Quebec courthouse either before or after their trip.

Catholic Marriage: This marriage is necessarily celebrated in a chapel. Some hotels have lovely chapels and glass facing the sea. Contact us for the list of hotels in the south offering this type of ceremony.

Indian wedding: Generally the marriage is performed by a Hindu priest. Several resorts are specialized and even offers an Indian chef on site. Contact our specialist in Indian wedding Shez.

Gay marriage (between the same sex): It is possible to celebrate a gay marriage, marriage homosexuele. Some hotels offer the celebration of gay marriage and this legal.

What are the places where I can get married?

You can choose a wedding on the beach under a gazebo and some hotels even offer beautiful gardens. It is also possible to get married on the roof of a hotel or on a terrace or on a dock and even a boat. Contact us for suggestions!

How to reserve my group?

Just contact us and we will guide you from A to Z in the process. The most difficult step is choosing the hotel as there are always constraints (budget, time, length of stay, type of ceremony).

When should I pay the travel package?

Many wholesalers offer you a wedding south-plus program. This program is simple and gives you time to make your guest list. Once the chosen resort, we will apply a deposit ranging from $ 250.00 to $ 600.00 to protect 30 seats and 15 rooms and, for 90 days. This deposit will be deducted from your balance due upon final payment. After 90 days over, every adult and child 2 years or more must give a deposit ranging from $ 50.00 to $ 250.00 per person. Then, generally, the final payment is made 45 days to 60 days before departure. Sometimes a discount Early Booking is applicable and, in this case, the final payment will be soon! Payment dates will be indicated on your quote. In the event that the number of guests is higher than 30, you will have to apply an additional deposit. We will inform you of the procedure.

Do I have to take credit card numbers of my guests?

No. This part is done by us and to simplify your life and eliminate errors and waiting times of your guests if they have any questions. Please know that we take care of everything for you.

You only have to provide a list of your guests by entering the names and surnames by room, as well as their phone numbers. You will need to send your guest list at least 2 weeks before the end of 90 days. The latest additions passengers will easily email or by phone.

Is it possible to get married on a cruise ship?
It is possible to get married aboard a ship, against it is not possible to celebrate a legal marriage at sea. You must marry docked in port or destination. For the sea is considered international. So you have to be fixed in a country to legalize your union. Also according to the restrictions of the destination countries. However, it is possible to marry symbolically at sea and celebrate your love on the ship.
It is also possible to cruise alone, without guests on board and get married to or your guests are already there. So you can continue your honeymoon alone with your significant other.

Why a wedding in the south?
For several reasons. Starting with the organization. A conventional marriage in Quebec requires considerable preparation, involvement and time. Sometimes you create stress. While a wedding in the south, experts will look after you and you will frame. While you have the quiet mind.
A wedding lasts one day in Quebec, while in the south it will last all week. Your trip is somehow your honeymoon. So you will save on costs. And it is a task less on your shoulders. Your wedding can be done throughout the year. While in Quebec, we prioritize the warm periods, the summer, from May to September. You can choose the date that suits you from 365 days. Certain countries are avoided during some months had to the rainy season.
Costs spent on a wedding in Quebec amounted to over $ 20,000 even more. A wedding in the south will cost about $ 5,000 and it differs from the place, date and extra selected. Some of our married couples to obtain their travel and wedding package for free. No need to make a hole in your savings. A wedding in the south to much advantage. Simplify your life and let us take care of you.

How far in advance should I plan my wedding?
It is recommended to plan her wedding at least a year in advance. Thus the steps will not be rushed. This way you have the chance to book your exact date for your wedding and have the time to send your invitations to your guests.

I have to be on site how long before my wedding in the south?

The general rule is 72 hours before your ceremony. In Jamaica, it's 48 hours!

Why do I have to be there 48-72 hours before?

Because the day after your arrival you will meet the coordinator of the hotel. It will tell you the place you have chosen for your ceremony and show you other places as possible. You'll get to choose and even change some aspect of your wedding package locally.

Which hotel to choose for a wedding in the south?

We will suggest you hotels that have proved their evidence and recognized for weddings destinations. I always suggest picking a known chain such as: Luxury Resort, Hard Rock resort, Karisma ... ect

Is it possible to get a free wedding package?

The answer is yes, some restriction applies and know that it's not all complexes that offer it. The free wedding package offered by hotels are often quite modest but provides the basis. Some hotels stand out and offer great package and that even if it is free.

Why get married in the south?

The main reason is cost but mainly, you spend a week with your family and friends.

LGBT weddings and gay marriage in the south, is this possible?

It is possible to celebrate a gay marriage in Mexico. Symbolic or legal, no problem. We recommend the gay friendly complex and the Hard Rock hotel resort complex and Palaces and the Sandos chain. It is not possible to perform a marriage between the same sex in Los Cabos. I recommend Cancun and Riviera Maya.

What is the $ 500 credit for your wedding band?

This credit is available by our Quebec suppliers to purchase a wedding band. The $ 500 credit is applicable on your first wedding anniversary with a group of minimum 5 rooms or 10 rooms minimum. Valid for one year. Contact us for more information.

What is the $ 500 credit for your honeymoon?

This credit is available by Marriage-South to purchase your honeymoon. A discount of up to $ 500 is given to you. The price varies depending on the vendor, the "hotel of the booked room category.

Hotel wedding in south

Since 2008, we only work with hotel chains recognized for the quality of marriage department. These hotels have teams of experienced wedding coordinators.

wedding hotel faqs

Several resorts are open to you. It is important to choose her wedding hotel as not all hotels that offer you quality wedding service. It is best to contact a southern wedding specialist to be knowledgeable.

How long does the marriage ceremony?

This is variable. The wedding ceremony can last from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or more.

Can a legal marriage in Cuba is recognized in Quebec?

Civil marriages with notary in hotels in Cuba are recognized in Canada. Newlyweds receive their marriage license at home. It may take up to 4 months after your return to Canada. The certificate will be issued in Spanish and legalized by the Embassy of Canada in Havana. We highly recommend saving your marriage to the Director of Civil Status of Quebec while receiving the certificate. You will need to translate the certificate in French or in English before recording.

Is it possible to have a french translator during the wedding ceremony?

It is possible to obtain the services of a translator french directectement with the hotel. However, it should check availability with the hotel. Some resort does not offer this service.

Weddings destination, what is the cost?

This will depend on you. A multitude of option offers future married to. Your trip can be free and even in some cases the wedding package too.

About protect us if the price drops?

The answer is yes. Quebec providers offer you protection price reduction up to 60 days before departure. Protection on a single drop. That is to say, you have the right to use one drop per group. Wholesalers that offer protection price drop are: Transat Holidays, Air Canada Vacations Nolitours, Vacances Tours Mont-Royal, Sunwing Vacations and Signature. Each group booked with them the right to offer a price adjustment group.

What is the best wedding hotel?

We can not answer this question. Each hotel is different. You must tell us your criteria and we will be able to offer you the perfect wedding hotel for you.

What happens if there is rain on my wedding day?

Your coordinator will offer you an alternative. If you wedding ceremony on the beach, it will provide you ahead of your ceremony or to postpone it later during the day or overnight.

legal wedding in Mexico, is it true that we need to take a blood test?

You must actually take a blood test on the spot. A medical team will take the test directly to your hotel. You must provide a fresh varinat 90 Usd 300 Usd. Mexico this request to see if you have AIDS or to see if you are of the same family.

Best hotel for a gay wedding, gay marriage, marriage between people of the same sex.

We recommend choosing a partner complex in Mexico. It will be possible for you to celebrate a symbolic gay marriage or gay marriage and legal recognition. We suggest the Hard Rock Hotel, Sandos Hotels and Oasis hotels.

Is it posible to marry in all the hotels in the south?

Yes and no. I strongly advise choosing a wedding specialist hotel. It is important to choose a hotel that celebrates marriage several years and not only one or two. Contact one of our wedding specialist.

What is the cost for planning a wedding in the sun?

Our travel agency charges no fee for planning your wedding south when you are a group of minimum 10 adults.

Do I have to make an appointment for marriage counseling?

During certain times of the year it is best to contact us to arrange a meeting.

How long I have to provide for a first meeting?

This will depend on you. It is better to provide details before the meeting afinq ue we can prepare your case.

Is it possible to marry in a wedding hotel but stay in another hotel?

Sometimes yes, but usually not. Wedding hotels demand that 80% Minimum stay at their complex for a period of 3 days géréralement days. Certain complex accepts this but with extra charge. In addition to your wedding dinner, there will be a fee too.


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